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The latest tooth coloured fixed appliances which are translucent and therefore blend with the natural tooth colour for maximum aesthetics. Click here for more information

Known more commonly as ‘train tracks’ these small metal brackets are individually glued to the surface of each tooth. Click here for more information

Invisible aligners can be used to correct minor tooth discrepancies where aesthetics are paramount. Click here for more information.

Lingual appliances are completely invisible! Click here for more information

Phase I, or early interceptive treatment, is orthodontic treatment (i.e. expansion, active retainer or partial braces) that is done before all of the permanent teeth have erupted, and often occurs between the ages of six and ten.

Clink here  for more information on Early or Phase 1 Treatment

Myofunctional orthodontics offers an alternative to traditional orthodontic methods. These appliances can allow no-braces treatment with stable results which are less reliant on long term retention.

This treatment method works best in younger patients, ideally at age 7.

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A functional appliance is a type of brace used to correct problems where the top teeth are protrusive. They have separate upper and lower parts, which interlock placing the lower jaw in a more advanced position.

Correction of protrusive teeth is not straightforward and relies on co-operation from you or your child. Simply placing train track braces is usually insufficient as fixed braces (train tracks) are designed primarily to straighten teeth. Consequently, to address both protrusive and crooked teeth may require the use of both a functional appliance, followed by fixed braces, or less commonly use of functional and fixed braces together.

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