Meet the multi-tasking foam that makes cleaning and whitening a breeze for aligners and retainers!

EverSmile created WhiteFoam – a patented, FDA-registered cleaning and whitening on-the-go foam designed to kill 99.9% of unwanted oral bacteria from plastic tray aligners and retainers, keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

WhiteFoam eliminates the need for messy overnight retainer cleaners by providing an easy, convenient, on-the-go alternative to remove build-up and gradually whiten teeth with no tooth sensitivity.

No rinsing or soaking is required; just one quick pump!!

EverSmile® WhiteFoam is a patented cleaning formulation designed to clean & freshen orthodontic aligners & clear retainers on-the-go with virtually no tooth sensitivity. No soaking or rinsing required, just pump the foam into your trays, place them in your mouth, and go! Who doesn’t love fresh breath, crystal clear aligners, and white teeth?

The Problem:

  • Aligners get dirty the moment they sit in the mouth.
  • Bacteria levels under aligners soar due to the lack of saliva flow which acts as a natural tooth cleaner.
  • Odoriferous compounds build up, releasing Odors and causing
    bad breath.
  • Bacteria/plaque biofilm begins adhering to teeth and aligners causing them to appear cloudy and, in some cases, yellow.

The Solution:

  • WhiteFoam uses hydrogen peroxide-based, anionic EverCleanTM technology.
  • 99.999% of common oral bacteria are killed within 60 seconds Of exposure to EverSmile® WhiteFoamTM in laboratory testing.
  • Hydrogen peroxide cleaves (destroys) odor and color molecules cleaning/lightening aligners, attachments, and teeth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a safe, effective oral disinfectant and whitener/cleaner in use for over 100 years.

All it takes is 3 simple steps


Apply one half to one pump full Of Ever Smile White Foam to trays.


Place trays in the mouth and spit out excess foam. Wear as directed.

Spread foam evenly to cover all areas.
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