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The waiting time for a Private consultation is typically around 2 weeks.
Following the consultation a report will be sent to you outlining all matters discussed at the consultation and a payment plan to suit your needs. On returning a signed copy of the report, treatment can then commence at your convenience.

The ideal age for a child to seen by an Orthodontist is 7, this is to ensure we have the opportunity to provide early or Phase I treatment – if indicated.

Phase I treatment is recommended if there is a moderate or severe problem that can be corrected effectively at an early age, and to facilitate further optimum growth and development of the teeth and jaws.

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£100 for adults/ £75 for children.
This includes a full consultation (outlining the problem, its causes and possible treatment options)
Should you wish to proceed with treatment, a further £60 is payable for records – XRays, study models and clinical photographs, we will then send you a report.

Fees are individually assessed and depend upon the duration and complexity of treatment. As a result they can range from £400.00 to £7,000.00.
Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to gaining a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. Therefore, we offer interest free payment plans over the course of the treatment.
As you will experience, we aim to deliver the finest orthodontic care at the most affordable cost to our patients.

No, you can refer yourself. However, we strongly advise you are registered with a general dentist. The orthodontist will keep your dentist informed about your treatment and any work they may need to do (e.g. extractions or fillings).

An orthodontic specialist has received at least 3 years comprehensive training in orthodontics alone and is best placed to advise on and treat an orthodontic problem. A General dentist will refer work which is beyond their field of training.

We will discuss with you which type of brace will work best for your circumstance. If you have a preference please discuss this at your initial visit, as we always try to tailor treatment to suit you.

Tooth coloured braces can be used to make the brace less noticeable. We also use Invisalign, and braces on the back (lingual) of the teeth.  No one need know you are having treatment!

As an orthodontist for over 10 years I have worked constantly to try to improve the quality of treatment for my patients and decrease the time that it takes. I have researched the “fast orthodontic treatments” and essentially they are simply short incomplete treatments that do not address some of the the primary issues of orthodontics. They are akin to what the orthodontist refers to as “initial alignment”. Initial alignment is what orthodontists usually do first before trying to make the bite corrections to make the teeth fit each other properly. When you begin to move any of the teeth the bite will usually change and now you have to fit all the teeth back together again in a different way to get them to fit properly and work properly upper to lower. That is really the hard part.

These “fast” treatments are usually promoted by a few by non orthodontist dentists who do not share the treatment goals of the orthodontist regarding achieving a good fit of the bite. They just want to get a little improvement in the alignment, usually just in front. Their assumption is that they won’t change the bite, the fact is that having the bite change is almost unavoidable when you try to move even just a few teeth. These “fast” treatments often cost almost as much as a very complete, comprehensive, and well planned orthodontic treatment that includes bite correction.

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