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Alternative Treatment for Teenagers

We know teenagers have a lot to deal with ….finding their path, making friends and fitting in….exams …life gets so complicated for them!

Here @ IOM Ortho we know how important a smile can be for feeling confident, and for teenagers a full on brace face, or ‘Twin Blocks’ or the dreaded ‘blocks’ as they are commonly known might not help during this period in life.

We can now offer a much more aesthetic solution, to normal metal fixed braces and also to the blocks, which are commonly used to treat protrusive teeth.

Invisalign designed with teenagers in mind!

See below Twin blocks and Invisalign Teen:


What would your teenager prefer???????




Here at IOM Ortho we like to keep up with the times….so we can deliver the best care for our patients.

We have recently introduced the iTero 3D digital scanning system to our practice – a few of our lucky patients have tried it already!

The benefits are:

No more messy impression material. We simply wave a wand over your teeth that does the work, and we can view your teeth on the screen instantly
Allows us to get precise results from which to plan your treatment
We can show you a simulated outcome of your treatment before you start

What is the iTero scanner?
The iTero scanner is an orthodontic technology system which allows us to get an accurate impression of your teeth and jaws. The 3D scanner approach means we can get a clear view of the position of your teeth and the treatment you will require to straighten them.

What is the iTero scanner used for?
Previously, to get an accurate model of your teeth, we needed to take impressions using messy orthodontic material. The iTero Digital Scanner does away with that making the process much quicker, easier and more comfortable – for both you and us. It also gets much better results from which we can have Invisalign aligners made.
The iTero scanner can be used for any type of orthodontic problem, from jaw misalignment to issues such as crowding and spacing. It can also help us plan treatment for jaw conditions, such as an over or underbite. Whatever orthodontic treatment you need, we can start planning it with precision thanks to the iTero scanner.

See you soon @ IOM Ortho